Soap Stone Finds Its Way Back In Many Homes

Soap stone is a material that is found as a durable but soft stone in the quarries. It is changed in its composition and treated to make it harder and resistant to chemicals and other substances. That makes it ideal to be used around the home. If you wish to build a sturdy platform like a counter top for a kitchen, you will be able to put this stone to good use. The stone is easily available and it is relatively cheap. It is also long lasting. When people are considering doing up their kitchen, they need to choose a counter top material in such a way that they will not need to change it for a long time.

Functions Of A Counter Top

When you are considering a material to be used as the kitchen counter top, you need to think of the things that people usually do in their kitchen:

  • Heavy vessels are placed on it like bags of groceries, heavy chunks of meat or other raw materials. Cooked food items are placed on it.
  • Very hot substances are placed most on counter tops. When you have just finished making tea or chicken curry on the stove, you will place the utensil on the counter top. You will place hot steaming mugs of tea on the counter top before they are served
  • Chemicals ooze out of many raw food items. There are chemicals in the sauces we use, the spices we use as well as in raw food items. The counter top material should be such that it does not react to such chemicals

Thus, the functions of the counter top are numerous. Hence, the material that is chosen for the counter top needs to be strong, durable and non resistant to chemicals.

Need For Little Maintenance

Counter tops of kitchens are in use most of the time. It should be of such a material that can be easily cleaned. A simple swipe with the wet cloth will clean it off. There will be no persisting stains that need to be removed and so forth. That is a property that soap stone has and that is why, many home owners find it an advantage to opt for this stone as the counter top.

Nature Of Soap Stone

Thus, from the above information, one would infer that the soap stone is found to be ideal as a kitchen counter top as it requires less maintenance, is non porous, does not react to different chemicals and it is strong. When you choose soapstone as the kitchen counter top for your home, you will not have to invest in its maintenance. You may apply coating of mineral oil to help it darken evenly. There are different finishes that can be achieved on the soapstone as per the kind of look you want. You can go for a shiny, glossy feel or a matt, even look.


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