Different Looks For Soapstone Counter Tops

There are many looks that you can achieve with the soapstone counter top. If you thought that the dark, polished look is the only look that you can give to your kitchen counter top, you will be amazed to know what other choices you have. Indeed, if you approach an interior designer, he or she will be able to provide you with a range of choices. When you are planning out the interiors of your kitchen, the finished look and appearance of the kitchen does depend a lot on the kitchen countertop. Usually, a dark, matt look on the counter will pair well with light, pastel shades on the modular units. Even if you choose a uniform color for the different cabinets and doors, you could opt for a dark grey or a warm brown shade for the counter top.

Natural Look For The Counter Top

If you opt for the soapstone in its natural hues, you will get the stone in a light gray shade. That is a least expensive form of the stone but you will have to put up with certain limitations like getting it easily stained. Such a form of soapstone is usually in the untreated form. Hence, it will be vulnerable to stains as well as to reactions of the different acid stains and other chemicals that ooze out of food items and other things. However in its natural form as well, the stone has one big advantage of being non porous. Hence, nothing will seep inside. You simply need to use home cleaners and scrub it off to get it back to its old form.

Aged Look Of The Soapstone

Aged is another way of choosing the look for the soapstone for the counter top you want to have. That is a look that is favored by many. Indeed, it is achieved by oiling the soapstone. The oil that is used on the stone will not seep in and it goes back to the original gray look. However by oiling it more than once, you will be able to achieve a unique, aged look for such a stone as your counter top.

The Oiled And Polished Look

Many people prefer the oiled, polished and dark look of the counter top. To achieve this you need

  • Apply coats of mineral oil
  • It needs to be applied at periodical intervals
  • Add on enhancers till there is a patina formed permanently on the surface

Another great feature of the soapstone is that, if you are bored with a particular look you could opt for different colored counters. That will help you to achieve a different look for you kitchen and that too with small changes. You may also do it yourself by applying or removing the mineral oil layers applied. Thus, counter tops made of soap stone is making a comeback in many homes. It being affordable and versatile, the stone is favored by many home owners.

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